RI-CAN believes in the possibility of every Rhode Island public school student, from pre-K through high school graduation. We work with partners to improve policy to help all students thrive and share promising practices and stories to demonstrate that all kids CAN succeed.


RI-CAN is a platform for Rhode Island citizens to effectively speak up for kids.

Without the right political climate, great schools will continue to elude Rhode Island’s most disadvantaged children. To close Rhode Island’s gaping achievement gaps, a new ethos of reform must permeate state government, the education establishment, and the wide community of citizens.

We don’t build schools or train teachers. Instead, we advocate for commonsense education reforms through:

Research + Policy

RI-CAN’s original reports and briefs provide the in-depth analysis of public education in Rhode Island that is the foundation for our policy recommendations.


RI-CAN creates informed citizens with a commitment to closing the achievement gap through a combination of media work, electronic communications and social networking, publications and partnerships with like-minded civic and community groups and events.

Advocacy for Policy Change

Grounded in our research and policy work, RI-CAN teams with our citizen advocates and key state officials to develop and enact concrete, meaningful education reforms through both legislative and administrative action.